Build to Rent

Rental Communities Built From The Ground Up

Estimated completion value
$ 50- 60 M
Square feet of projected density
15598 per unit
Profit Split in Favor of Investors
70/ 25
Internal rate of Return (IRR)
18- 10 %
Preferred passive income

Acquisition Criteria

Build-To-Rent Strategy

Further Details

The Class A Membership Units sold through this Offering shall participate in distributions of net profit from operations on the following summarized schedule and terms and subject to the specific language of the Operating Agreement:

  • (i) a distribution to the Class A Members to provide a cumulative, non-compounded return equal to eight percent (8%) per annum for Class A Members of such Member’s Invested Capital Contribution (the “Class A Preferred Return”); and
  • (ii) a distribution to the Class A Members on a pari passu basis equaling seventy percent (70%) of any additional net profit from operations with the Class B participating in thirty percent (30%) of distributable net profit.